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National Deep Cleaning Experts 

Chicago Post Construction Dust Removal Experts

Construction Deep Cleaning 

Post Construction Cleaning typically has at least two cleaning phases. We provide rough cleaning and final post construction cleaning services. The final clean affects the final finished product which means your construction company must go over and above. Not only do you need to turn in quality work on time and on budget, but the space must fulfill your clients’ expectations. Time and budget are always short, but we are used to working under pressure. Chicago Household Cleaning is here to help with the best post-construction cleaning services in Chicago and surrounding areas. Thanks to our commercial & residential construction cleaning capabilities, we can remove all traces of the construction and leave your newly built spaces ready for occupants. We use the latest and best techniques and products to meet or exceed your expectations. 

There may be cheaper post-construction cleaning companies out there, but none of them can do what we can. If cleaned improperly there will be residue left behind that is harder to clean. If the wrong tools or chemicals are used, then you can have damage to brand new surfaces. We are always gentle, but very effective. After years of experience, we have very specific tools and materials that we know will not damage your surfaces.

Construction can create an enormous amount of dust and debris that finds its way deep into every surface of a new or renovated building. If it isn’t dealt with in a thorough manner, it can leave those beautiful new spaces looking dingy and dull. What’s worse, materials such as drywall particles and loose carpet fibers can create a health hazard for future occupants with sensitivities to those materials.


  • Clean baseboards, trim, door frames, window frames and windowsills (inside only)

  • Dust Removal

  • Wipe down any windows (Inside only) Extra cost

  • Clean hinges & fixtures

  • Clean cabinet doors, shelves and drawers

  • Clean the countertop

  • Remove excess caulk & paint splats 

  • Vacuum dust off floor vents

  • Mop or vacuum the floor

  • Clean light fixtures

  • Clean blinds and shutters (Extra Cost)

National Deep Cleaning Experts

  • Move in Move Out Cleaning

  • Mold Disinfect Cleaning

  • COVID Disinfect Cleaning

  • Post Construction Cleaning

  • Standard Home cleaning


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